Sunday, April 29, 2012

i am sure that I sometimes fail in guessing the words of captchas, but the computer still says yes. sometimes i think they know that robots don't even try, so it's a case of 'the taking part that counts'. I will endeavour to test this more rigorously in future and post pics with evidence.

something else i was musing about whilst eating a chocolate brownie for breakfast was that it seems only in sports that people know how to count. allow me to explain:

when someone scores a goal in the first minute of a game, the time given is 1'.* Correct! The time on the clock will read between 1 second, and 60 seconds. so if someone scores when the clock reads 21"41, the goal time is 22.

when you are 39 and a half, you think to yourself that you are 39 years old. except you are in your 40th year of existence, not 39th. ironically, you celebrate your 40th birthday, not on the first day of your 40th year, but on the very last!

in the uk, you get a free travel pass when you reach 65. i wonder if anyone has tried saying they legally should get one when reaching 64years and 1 day old?

another famous example is the people celebrating the 'new millennium' in the year 2000 were ironically celebrating the last year of the existing millennium.

speaking of pics as i was earlier, and in my last but one post**, here's what was my favourite entry into the google prize i failed in winning.

*i literally have no idea what the correct symbols to use are for second and minute so i just made it up.

**also, i think there should be single a word for 'last but one'. So i could talk about my previous post, and my penprevious post.

***i use stars to not distract from the flow of the post, but realise that you're probably reading them as and when they appear, which just means a work out for your mouse instead of making things easier.


rubbish said...

I haven't looked it up but isn't "penultimate" a single word for last but one?

Mudwig said...

yeah, but when i tried to type it, it sounded in the wrong 'tense'.

as in, to me penultimate is one before final rather than one before previous.

can i say my ultimate post talked about a blog round up, and my penultimate post about pictures?

if i can say my last post talked about blogs, and penultimate about pics, the lack of symmetry will finally drive me away from the english language for good! (it won't)

Yakshi said...

Your pic? I like it a lot.

My capcha was reskil amediv

I typed risked adive

It told me it didn't match. I wanted your theory to be true. Fack.

mr. large said...

by your logic, a newborn (imagine a baby born yesterday) should be celebrating his first birthday today! kind of awkward, no?

Mudwig said...

thanks yak.

also good work with the capcha, it seems blogger ones need the right answer. i will keep trying though and report back asap!

mr large, you have definitively proved i was talking shit when it comes to birthdays. thank you kindly

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