Thursday, April 05, 2012

4 weeks is up

it was 4 weeks ago that i decided to start doing things for 30 days at a time.

4 weeks means that it's only 29 days so far, and tomorrow will be 30.
as i intended, i've taken one day off each week and spent 30 minutes all other days doing some weights. i'm not sure it's made me much fatter but it's been a pretty easy habit to get in to. i've had to increase the weights and concentrate on doing less different exercises each (down from 6 to 4) to spend more time on each to reach the point of failure.

my next challenge will be much harder, as i attempt to wake up every morning as and when my alarm goes off. i guess it will be between 8am and 9am every day (hopefully closer to 9) but no snoozing is going to be a tricky one. i'll be impressed if i can keep it going for a week. we shall see.

in other news, i think i might get back to playing some low level poker games. i'd like to see if i could stop losing perhaps, and should probably set modest targets of 10 hours a week and maybe £200 in the first month except i might get a job instead. i only want to do something temporarily so i have free money to invest in better ideas but no one wants that truth in an interview even though i'd be brilliant for most jobs. been offered jobs in 2 different countries in universities except if i take those jobs it will make it very hard to find real jobs not in universities at any point in the future (other than consulting perhaps, which would obviously be quite cool).

lots to mull over. the freedom of making money via poker is quite magnificent and something i think i'm looking for in any other job.
maybe i'll just go straight to consultancy.

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