Wednesday, January 06, 2010


The sole of my foot was itchy but scratching it resulting in a tickleish effect. I was caught jn a lose lose situation where I would be either tickling myself or having an itch. Spent so long deciding which was worse I ended up forgetting to do either.
I also played football just before this snow blizzard and won the 5aside league. I almost forgot to take out my lenses which always leads to a depressing (moreso than usual) and more alarming than usual wake up. I used to do this far too often and would awake being able to see fine, and not realising for a good few seconds that i'm not supposed to be able to see so well. My next thought is that of "I'm cured!" followed shortly by, " oh no I'm not. Lenses still in. Gonna hurt as I peel them from my dry eyeballs"

I'm getting so lazy I've begun to sit down whilst taking a piss. Can't decide if this is the good lazy or bad lazy. I think it's the good kind.

And lastly, I read this somewhere and want to try it out on my next flight - wait for my friend to fall asleep next to me, borrow a low cabin pressure mask from the air hostesses' which they use for their safety demo. Put it on my face. Shake my friend back to consciousness with a panicked look on my face.

(It's weird how the word panic becomes panicked in the past tense. Where does the k go in the present tense?)

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