Sunday, January 24, 2010

i didn't hide the jelly bellies well enough. imo

there are 50 different flavours.
choosing a best would be like choosing a favourite state in america. since i've only been to about 10 states, and some of them very briefly i will highlight the best and worst.

sizzling cinnamon. the worst of the worst. hot, but not nice and spicy hot, just horrible. this is like 45 degree (113 deg F) heat of texas combined with going to a gig headlined by some punkrock band in georgia whose name eludes you but the kind where everyone's a skinhead and they try to punch you. repeatedly. and look like they're going to stab you asap.
(note: i did quite like many aspects of texas. the entire city of austin is like camden town)

chocolate pudding. this sounds awesome, but is in fact horrible. a bit like la (but unlike the rest of california obv)

watermelon. also sounds awesome, and tastes pretty good too, but these wear thin very quickly. great if you don't have too many at once. just like florida. except without the scary black guy at the gainesville greyhound bus station showing you all his gunshot wounds whilst telling you about his journey to meet his bro who is getting out of prison. but going once in a while to disneyland is pretty great.

tutti-frutti. everyone's heard of this flavour and it's like a party in my mouth with everyone invited. NYC obviously.

berry blue. i could probably live of these. cool, refreshing and a little bit less known than new york. i would say this is boston.

red/green apple and raspberry. could eat these all day. taste so good i sometimes think i'm eating real fruit. definitely california.

lemon/lemonlime. very colourful and clearly artificial, but i can't say no. hello vegas.

grape. this sounds like it should be my favourite but it's a massive disappointment. like washington d.c., although i didn't expect that to be my favourite anything. still, it had it's good points. note i sometimes mistake a chocolate pudding for a grape - GO AWAY LA, NO ONE LIKES YOU!

liquorice. wouldn't touch it with a barge pole. a 270 mile long barge pole. coincidentally the same size width as the state of utah.


Sally-Sal said...

Oklahoma would be like the Harry Potter inspired Jelly Bellies.

Oklahoma would definitely be the booger flavor.

You want to try it, just to say that you have, but you'd never admit to it. And it's a pain in the ass to flick off the end of your finger.

Mudwig said...

oklahoma sounds great. i can't believe i missed it on my tour. (or maybe i went but just can't admit to it)

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