Tuesday, January 12, 2010

more oxymorons

Following on from Rubbish's post, I would like to impart some wisdom to ladies:

Please, whenever possible, say whatever you have to say during the adverts. That's what they're there for.
If a program is on the bbc (and therefore no adverts) just wait till it's over.


If it's during a long lasting sporting event, talking is acceptable, but when it's not directly related to the event, a response may be slow in forthcoming.

Also, please note, yes and no are acceptable answers to almost every question.

anyway, the oxymorons:
brioche looks horrible, but tastes lovely (im eating some now)
ice is dangerous to drive on, but it is so very very much fun to do so.
basil leaves smell so good, yet taste so horrible (yes i just ate a bunch of basil leaves prior to this brioche. culinary madness)

following this morning's moment of culinary madness, i stared at the chilli plant on the window sill and wondered how these hadn't taken over the world. i know from offering my cats chillies that animals DO NOT WANT spicy food. so there are probably no natural predators to the chilli plant. basically, they're the alligators of the botanical world, except they don't kill each other and thus they should have been able to cover the world by now.*

in other news, i might start a column called:
strange things i see

this week's episode would mostly consist of driving past a house where some renovating or gardening work was being done. i saw two builder type people carrying, in the middle of the road (and not crossing the road, but just walking down the middle of the road), what appeared to be a gigantic wooden crucifix.

a close second would be a note someone had left on my desk on tuesday morning when i strolled in at about 10. all it said was "lazy!". what concerned me was not the content but that the dot under the exclamation mark was drawn as a circle. this was problematic because it turned out a male had left the note. everyone knows men aren't allowed to draw circles for points (eg above the letter i, lovingly known as a tittle. haha)

a problem i have noticed with myself is multitabling has made me so much more impatient.
i never thought i would be able to play 9 tables at once, but now that i can, i find everything else in life runs really slowly. from other people updating their blogs (bruce) to telly vision and reading.

*(this argument may or may not be flawed, but i could almost definitely convince a drunkard it makes sense)


Bossanova21 said...

so true about the driving on ice

when you start to drift sideways, and suddenly save the car, you feel like sebastien loeb for a moment lol

Anonymous said...


Bossanova21 said...

epic spam

RakeBack Blog said...

Very nice blog sir!

Skipping from playing upto 24 tables online to one table live is the biggest problem I have. each hand takes a lifetime.

Could you please link us up and we will do the same.



Mudwig said...

go karting in snow/ice must be epic. i wonder if there's anywhere that does it nearish to london town.

international (and some national, will link up) spam. the sign that i have made it. whatever it may be.

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