Friday, January 29, 2010

i'd finally run out of jelly bellies so decided to play some of the pokers last night.
beginning to play pretty well finally after a terrible start to the year. not making anything, but it's not getting worse. will post month's graph after this weekend. speaking of which will be trying to play the turbo tournament, maybe the sunday bimillion, a blogger tournament and some cash.

going by current form there is a chance i will forget about all of this. i appear to be losing my mind along with many other possessions i (used to) own. last night i turned up at football without my gloves. ('ha, what a pansy' i hear you cry, but i did not have gloves for protection from the cold, but for i play in goal). When the ball is wet, and the astroturf is sandy, and the wind is cold catching the ball with frozen hands was much easier than i anticipated. that night though when i got home, every time i moved a muscle in my hands they got their revenge with shooting pains. i still have no idea where my gloves are.

i have mentioned my deaf cat before but i don't think i explained that she is also slightly retarded. as a younger cat she would whack her head against the underside of chairs. i fear this may have destroyed a few too many braincells. deaf or stupid isn't really a problem with cats, they're still pretty cool and funny when they aren't pissed at you, but the combination means she just wanders around screaming non stop so that people 4 doors down can hear her. when she sees nobody she gets louder. when she sees somebody, she gets louder.

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