Wednesday, April 01, 2009

month end

tilted twice for a total of $4kish i think
year to date is 8 times and $14k

it may not seem like it but i think i'm doing better at this.

it also helps that about 80% my bad luck (all in ev) from the past 12months was repaid to me this month. almost a 5 figure month in dollars but only broke even tonight.

puts me where i want to be in terms of minimum monthly profit of around $3k

just need to maintain focus and concentration and also tilt less still! also next month will get me the $4k supernova bonus from last year's play which will be a nice touch.

i read an interesting blog post from one of the links on jethro's site but i can't find it again. it referred to poker being a strange game compared to how one learns in life. in life, you do good things and usually get rewarded. bad things do the opposite. the most simple example is pain. touching something hot causes pain and you learn that this is a bad thing for you.

poker is not the same in that bad plays can be rewarded. and it is this what keeps the fish coming back. however, it is also more subtle for you may not even realise the mistakes you have made in a hand you have won.

i also started playing some omaha hilo. i never really got the hang of omaha hi, but like hilo. i also find that, in the two brief sessions i played, i did better at fixed limit. it's a more mathematical game, although there is much less information known than in fixed limit holdem. in my first session of 225 i managed to run into 2 royals and quads once. lucky me! i was playing 6 tables which was a bit mental when trying to learn the game. gonna stick to 1/2 and 2/4 for now, with 4 tables max and see how i do. wont play much but it makes a nice change.

as for non poker content, i ate 400g of maltesers today.
i also saw episode one of series two of flight of the conchords. not as good as the first season. here's a great song from the first season

if you like it check out, 'youre so beautiful' 'Hiphopopotamus vs. Rhymenoceros' and of course the great 'business time'

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