Sunday, April 19, 2009


i managed to play 8 tables last night. aside from not being able to pay attention to what was going on, i noticed there were many bad habits i also did not have time to do:
checking how much i was up or down (rather than concentrate on making best decision)
worry about winning or losing hands (can lead to tilt)
worry about hating individuals at my table (leads to ego related tilt problems)
folded more often in spots (eg to 3bets preflop) where i should fold as i didnt have time to try to outplay everyone

this lead to a decent result, and i may try it in future on weekends at least. the standard was pretty abysmal last night. every table had at least one player playing 50% of the hands.

recently, south park is now being shown on tv in england 2 days after the episodes air in america. this is a substantial improvement on the 12+ month delay they used to have. this phenomenon, which has become consistent amongst all tv shows and movies is imo purely down to the piracy issue. something which i think is lost on lots of people. however stealing is obviously bad. luckily i have had no real influence on any of this or i would wonder what is the correct stance to take on this issue.

though i do find it funny that they blame piracy for drugs, funding terrorism, money laundering etc. how exactly are terrorists getting money when people download things for FREE?


C said...

i think its more the black market. i.e. pirate DVDs they sell in Camden for example.

Mudwig said...

i always assumed the people that buy things off the street in camden are the ones who reply to spam

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