Monday, April 13, 2009


had some thoughts about this but can't be bothered to post it now

i did also have a poker related thought. one of the things to which i alluded in my previous post, about having heard but not fully understanding:

money won is equivalent to money saved

this is totally true, however, the difficulty in this concept is the ability to measure it. money won is easy to measure as you look at how much you won and possibly hands where you could have bet more etc. money saved is much tougher to note and add up because most of the time you will have lost the pot. at the end of a losing session after running terrible i sometimes review hands, realised i played alright with the cards dealt to me and the fact that i lost is essentially irrelevant. all that matters is making the correct decision.

oh yeah, i also played the scoop $100 main event and got all in on the turn with pocket jacks on a kj9 4 board, vs table outdraw specialist's aa. i was raising 30% of hands so at least i had fun :)

my favourite hand of the day however was cash vs a shortstack hit and runner. he had doubled up and carried playing. before the blinds could reach him allowing him his mouselike getaway, his kk was no match for my qq (all in preflop) even after the first card out was a king. i hit a beautiful runner runner runner runner flush.

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