Sunday, April 05, 2009

grape flavoured ice cream

(very late edit to the title. can't believe i forgot to mention the flavour. it was the whole point of the post)

i was just eating some and found it delicious. i informed a friend who told me it was nonsensical and compared it to cucumber or apple flavoured ice cream. i do not agree with the validity of his comment.

onto happier things including my mobile company 3. 3 weeks ago i sent them an email asking them to put skype on my phone for free. it's a pretty long story but essentially, i have a skpye enabled phone, and free unlimited internet. however, if i wanted to use skpye i would have to pay 3 a monthly fee. when i called them about this explaining i have free internet i was informed "that's not how the internet works". words could not express my shock at them sinking to new depths.

however, i decided to email their ceo to tell him what i thought of this debacle. obviously i also emailed their executive office as they would be the people acting out my request. i got a reply saying they would contact me within 10 working days. 12 working days later and no news, i again emailed their ceo and exec office simply saying

it's been 10 working days.

the next day they called me, and to my shock, amazement and pleasure, decided to let me have my free internet and use skype. what a touch!

luckily most companies have (or addresses.

i had a thought that if you were gonna get a tattoo you should get a really offensive one and put it on your middle finger.

poker has been pretty horrific to me so far this month. back to the usual horribly negative all in luck. over $3k down this month, half of it in all in luck, and a bunch of coolers etc. end of the month i'll get my 4k bonus though so it's not all bad.

tbh i think i tilted a little in one session this month. i didn't really concentrate very well. this is bad especially when i'm playing 3/6 as i need to think a little bit.

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