Sunday, March 29, 2009

scientists of the future

GCSE(16 year olds do this!) Science (2006 exam)

Our moon seems to disappear during an eclipse. Some people say this is because an old lady covers the moon with her cloak. She does this so that thieves cannot steal the shiny coins on the surface. Which of these would help scientists to prove or disprove this idea?

A) Collect evidence from people who believe the lady sees the thieves

B) Shout to the lady that the thieves are coming

C) Send a probe to the moon to search for coins

D) Look for fingerprints

i have also realised that they don't teach english here very well. the only grammar i was taught is the definitions of nouns, verbs and adjectives. i learnt a bit when doing french at school. nowadays, only remnants remain in my mind of past perfect tenses and conditional things. and now i am learning (mostly through guesswork) some more through russian.

for example, in russian 'i work' and 'i am working' are said in the same way. i don't even know what this difference in present tenses would be called in english!
also, adverbs are made by taking the adjective and changing the ending, eg, excellent to excellently.
however, the word for excellently also means 'it is excellent'. so sometimes it's an adverb and sometimes it isn't.

so i got to the end of lesson two and can honestly say "i speak a little russian".

poker: played some hands this week finally. ran good. made some monies. best month ever. gonna play today and hopefully not lose lots.

i did tilt one hand yesterday shoving the turn with 88 on a 49tj board cos i had just been 3 outered for a $1600 pot. but then i remembered tilting is bad so i stopped tilting. i'm not even sure it was such a terrible shove with the game dynamics at the time so i'm not gonna count it in my months tilt count.

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