Sunday, March 15, 2009

almost tilting

well, i say almost, but i did tilt. only a little probably throwing away $1k. if i don't tilt again this month i'll have done good imo.

need to make sure i keep my focus at all times. half way to the $4k supernova bonus which will be nice. i'll probably withdraw that especially if the $-£ rate is still good. i don't think that counts as part of my roll really since it's not money made from winning at games, which is what i want to use to determine what level i should play at.

non poker wise been boring atm. have decided to get fit and learn russian. have a book with 20 lessons in, which i want to do complete once a week. i think i can fit 30mins of that, and 30 mins of weights each day. started that last week. i can now say russian is a very difficult language. in russian.

the best thing about speaking russian is that to pronounce the accent correctly is to sound exactly like a bond villain.


Bruce said...

psh why russian? Russian is dum. Learn chinese imo.

Mudwig said...

russian women > chinese women imo

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