Sunday, March 01, 2009


following on from reminiscing over day of the tentacle i stumbled upon some salt and shake crisps in the shop. obv i purchased them only to realise my error.

firstly, salt alone is not really a flavouring for crisps. salt and vinegar, yes. salt, no.

secondly, for those that aren't aware, the salt does not come on the crisps. inside the crisp packet, there is a little blue packet filled with salt. this is invariable on the bottom of the crisp packet (which ever way you end up opening it). thus it is a pain to see and reach. then when you open it, the salt does not really disperse very well so you have to shake it yourself. as indicated by the name. this is a complete waste of time when you can buy ready salted crisps.

thirdly, you're left with an empty torn blue piece of paperish thing that you need to dispose of separately.

the novelty of these, which i had not seen since i was a child soon wore off. i ate some ice cream to cheer myself up. as usual, food does not cheer me up. this is probably a good thing.

speaking of emotions, the final thing i have been working on of late is removing all emotions from poker. again, lack of emotions here will again be a good thing.

i also just watched the carling cup final on the telly vision. i wanted neither spurs nor man utd to win it. as a result, i was always going to be both sad and happy at the end of the game. it was a very dull game so by the end i almost didn't care. i think man utd fans will care less about winning this cup than spurs so i think i preferred the result this way round.

anyways, it's march the first, summer is nearly here, the air smells nice (well it did when i went out last night) so i think i might plan some more holidays.


Bruce said...

Wow I have never even heard of this salt n shake thing before.

Mudwig said...

i'll put one in the post to you

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