Tuesday, October 09, 2018


as i was cycling home, i was thinking nothing of any note had happened today, and what could I even begin to write about. And then I saw an elder gentleman (50s, red jacket, bowler hat) walking backwards down the footpath. I thought maybe he was taking one or two steps back to see something he had just passed from a better angle. Nope, just walking backwards all the way down the road.

and isn't that a metaphor for life? no. no it isn't. it was just odd. but it was in a rich part of town so it was more likely he is eccentric, not crazy.


most important things to report:
i did not get up at the count of 1 today. I decided to play with my phone for 10 minutes first. I shall impose a new rule. No phone playing till I am out of bed. Tomorrow I shall get up at the count of 1!


i currently have a cold. I think most people I have met at the moment have a cold. This does not offer me any help.
The mornings are the worst in terms of having to clear my nose and throat. this morning i had to generate a massive cough in order to extricate some phlegm from my throat. a huge pretty solid piece of mostly grey, with a tinge of green, blob come out my face. I have not quite seen anything like this before. I scared myself a little bit. This story is probably a bit too much tmi.

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