Sunday, December 20, 2015

4 weeks to go

i missed a week. last sunday i was sleeping, riding a bike, sleeping and partying. in that order. i woke up to a hangover which was mostly cleared due to powerade blue and an almond croissant. apparently, everyone else has independently discovered that powerade blue is the best hangover prevention (drink the night before) and cure (drinking the morning after). they also know it's due to electrolytes + sugars.

i can't believe there are only 4 weeks to go. time is basically stationary when you're not having fun. at university, bored in a lecture, i once asked a friend what he would do if he knew it was his last day on earth. he said he would spend the entire day going to lectures by the current professor. i didn't get it till he said it would make his last day on Earth feel like it lasted forever.
the past two weeks have been very eventful (for me) meeting 3 (three) different women. of course, i have achieved only varying degrees of failure with them.

the main problem with only 4 weeks of work left is that i still don't appear to have enough money to take a month off. this is a minor major problem. I don't think i can handle working in the same place for much longer so will have to instruct the horrendous species that are recruitment agents to find me a job starting in 4 weeks time. bonne temps rodders, bonne temps.

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