Friday, February 26, 2016

8 weeks gone

the things people will do for money. not living on the street is good and that's for the most part why i still work a stupid job. 16 hour days of work are hard. that's still better than the alternative, and hopefully one day soon i'll be able to do a useful 16 hours. at the moment 13 are taken up by bullshit work for some average company (including commuting time). The worst part is the enforced 1 hour lunch break. why can't i just not stand outside in teh cold for an hour, and instead leave at 5pm?? with 3 hours as the maximum i get to do on any given weekday this is stunting time to be spent doing useful things. and even 3 hours has been tough to find recently...

i was supposed to leave but agreed to stay on a bit longer due to not having my own software take off yet. and the lack of finding another job.
the only part i like is the cycle to and from work. when driving every day in london you start to hate other drivers. their idiocy and lack of attention is frightening. when you cycle, you start to really hate drivers, for the same reasons, except now they are playing with your life.
my favourite cycling incident of the last month was where a road is currently closed, so i cycle on the pavement for about 6 metres. i can't be bothered to walk the bike as i'm already tired at that point and the streets are almost always empty at the time i'm there. on this day there were three people! i cycled at about walking pace because i don't want to scare any pedestrians, and only get off if there are kids or dogs around. today had three adults so figured they would be able to cope. the man on the right saw me and moved across to give me space. the lady on the left meanwhile, made a beeline towards me and shouted in my face "PLEASE DONT CYCLE ON THE PAVEMENT".
i replied "ok", and continued to cycle the remaining 2 metres where i rejoined the road. i know what i did was illegal. I think what i did involved maximising common sense. I also think what she did was annoying and idiotic. cycling at 3 mph is not dangerous or inconsiderate. walking over to someone and shouting in their face however...

i haven't been on here pretty much since i found a lady. ladies can be very time intensive. sadly, i think she is not the one for me and i will tell her in 3 weeks time. i don't want to quit too early in case i am wrong.
i never believed in soulmates until i met mine. i don't think i'll ever find another. but i guess i should at least try. i did meet one cool lady recently. although the drug fuelled hipster filled east london after party was not my scene, she was super cool and hot. alas she smoked which is really not good. maybe she'll at least help me move on with my life.

in less exciting news, i think i'll be talking all of july off work. i just need to find a better job to take me to july's end.


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SueWIld said...

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