Monday, December 07, 2015

6 weeks to go?

when i first agreed to this job, i was under the impression it was a 3 month deal. hence the 13 week thing.
however, 2 weeks after starting, i was given a contract, which indicated a term ending at the end of january. 2 more weeks than i had intended. of course, needing money for food and rent made me not argue. the worry is that the 6 weeks to go may be, in fact, 8 weeks to go. right now that may not be a terrible thing what with the need of money for foods and rents.
the good news is that tomorrow i shall receive a reply on my 'request' for a 4 day week since i can't be arsed for fridays. considering i can just quit, and my 'boss' is now aware of this, i expect it to be granted.

the italian man is away this week. this is a shame as the lols will now be depleted in the coming week. also because i wanted to ask him where he buys shoes from. i need new shoes. i also need a ladyfriend to help me pick shoes and perhaps some other clothes. although aside from shoes clothes may have to wait until i have a money surplus as food and rents is more important. i can't believe i let my self run out of money so easily. it was very silly of me.

anyway, the 4 day week thing is good as it means i can spend fridays doing useful things like learning to cook in the bakery, working for charity, working on my own software, going to the dentist, etc

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