Sunday, October 18, 2015

13 weeks to go

having run out of money from not working i decided to work so i could have some money and not live on the street. winter is coming, but living on the streets in the summer isn't much better imo. apparently, there's a lovely street near me, probably the most expensive in london, which is half full of empty houses. and there are already some that have squatters in, so i could maybe go and live there.

anyway, 13 weeks of work. Somewhere i've worked before, but have little to no desire to go back to work there. my boss told me off for not taking a lunch break and leaving early. even though i'm a contractor, working the hours is less important than staying in the office till 6pm. honestly. 6pm. that's not really acceptable. then he told me the reason why he wants that from me. his previous job was till 4pm and he found the adjustment hard and wants to make everyone else suffer. all i think when i see him now is 'CUNT'.

so i'm going back for 13 weeks for money. in that time i hope to get investment so i when i leave i can work on my own things for 3-6 months with income. i'm not dreading it. the first time i worked there, the first 10 days had so little work for me to do that the boredom was physically painful. now at least i know i'll have things to do. so it shouldn't be too bad. i also plan to cycle to work. dutch style. This means no cycling shorts or jerseys. just normal clothes plus a helmet. i might switch back to cycling shorts after one day of wrecking my arse and balls. on the plus side, burning an extra 1000 calories per day will let me eat chocolate without putting on weight. it's the little things. (that's what she said).

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