Monday, August 17, 2015

love your body, my girlfriend says to me, entirely innocently. I already do, way too often.
she's not the one for me so i need to break up with her but i'm not good at doing that.

i think i've explained the escalator game on here before. you know, going up an escalator, you 'choose' a lady (or man) based solely on looks to be your other half. then you wait to see if you made the best choice, or if someone better comes along. What happens if you've picked no one by the top? Some say you get thrust upon the final person, others say you die alone.

This is a metaphor for choosing someone in real life. This is difficult to play in such a manner, because you should really assume you've never seen another person when you start playing the game, so there is no frame of reference.
The maths solved this conundrum by telling you how to play. Of the first third, you pick the best, then choose the next person to appear better than that.
What makes this good to compare to real life is you don't really know where the third lies, due to arrival rates.

Anyway, I digress. Though I have forgotten what any of my points were.

In other news, I'm going to quit my job. Tomorrow, I will try to get the program I have written to replace me working. I think it requires some IT guys to open up connections to SQL server, and then I can happily leave. Spending 12 hours a day working so you can take 20 days holiday a year is not the life for me.

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