Tuesday, July 28, 2015

i cant believe it's been so long

i can.

anyway, i started cycling last year. england is not good for cycling. mental drivers, no hills, terrible weather. The problem is that it can be quite expensive.
however, i have decided that i will be going to europe next year and cycling the alps. all of them. well, not all of them, but i will do as many as possible.
i will begin creating a list, and also i should start working. i can work till about june next year, and then go to the alps for a month or so. this sounds like the best plan i have ever had. I should spend a week or two working in a bike shop for free to learn how to fix all the things i need to, and then i'll be set to go.
i don't know much about cycling famous roads, but the list will include the stelvio, in east italy, perhpas cervinhio in central italy, verbier and some surroundings in swissland, sestriere in west italy, montervnier, alp d'huez, mont ventoux and col d'eze in france. i think i will start in east italy, near venice, and finish in monaco. possibly in the order listed above. this is a good motivation to work!

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