Thursday, October 30, 2014

a new wake up routine!

i have finally cracked waking up my brain in the morning. sure, blue lights will work but that won't want to make me get out of bed. also, i'd have to buy one terrible overpriced LED. meditating didn't help me either. i can currently easily get out of bed, go the toilet, and get right back into bed. even when i had a job, i would wait till the last possible second. i tried reading twitter but no, didn't help. as for having a girlfriend - unpossible to make me get out of bed. so far the opposite, it's ridic.

my latest trick is to play a game on my iPhone. You might think this wouldn't help. i found that it hugely increases the sharpness of my thought. currently i am playing circle. it's a cross between that kids game where you have to move the circular hoop around a metal wire without touching the wire, and helicopter. helicopter, for any kids that don't know, is the original flappy bird, and was actually fantastic. playing this noticeably brings my mind to life, with a clear progression of reaction time and speed of thought. after a few minutes (10-15) i get bored/frustrated playing the game, and get up, too awake to go back to sleep.

you're welcome.

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