Wednesday, November 09, 2011

rock bottom

i've busto'd my account, deposited a few hundred more bucks and busted that as well.
i'm less than 9k vpps from supernova and a 3k bonus (4k if i play a bit more, also making me extra $250 in the process).
problem is, i don't wanna deposit 1k to have at least a bit of a roll to play though i can't see how i have any choice if i want to play. bigger problem is i can't seem to win for love nor money. i think i've had two winning sessions in my last 20. even if i was a monkey clicking buttons i should be doing better than that.
i don't even know if it's worth going for a 3/4k bonus. last time i tried that i lost more than the bonus was worth. moreover, i don't even know if i should play again at all. i really want to be good, and want to do this full time for one year to bank a bit of money but money trend has been to the wrong direction for the past ~12 months. which is bizarre when i look at the statements of how much i've cashed out over the 2/3 years prior to that.

and if this doesn't work i'll have to get a j*b.


The Poker Meister said...

Wish I could send you some re-assuring words, buddy. However, I feel your pain. Have you done a hand history review? What problem spots are you running into? If it's just a variance thing, it'll run its course. If it's more than that, you need to re-evaluate your game.

GL. Go for the 9k Supernova / 3k bonus, dude!

Mudwig said...

been working on my game lots in the past 2 months, including my mental game.
deposited a bit more to hit the 3/4k bonus but don't even know if i'll make it at this rate.

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