Monday, October 24, 2011


i appear to be losing at a fantastic rate. i have noticed that i am not making more mistakes, more often. i am either bad or running bad. i try to correct the play bad but i can't seem to fix it.
not wanting to deposit, i think my options remaining are drop down to 100nl for a bit or deposit.
right now my only reason to play is to get supernova to claim the $1500 or $4k bonus. really i want to deposit but seem to have run out of money after withdrawing loads last year. i have literally no idea where it's gone!


in other news, i think everyone should start using the interrobang more often. not only because it makes sense to have a punctuation mark that combines the question mark and exclamation mark (‽ ) but also because its name it awesome. interrobang!


x_ROSH125_x said...

Those $4k bonuses are juicy!! Im savin up for my one.!!

Mudwig said...

i hope i don't go busto in the next ~6 weeks so i can claim mine!
gl us.

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