Thursday, January 13, 2011

weird dreams

first of all one that i can't remember whether it was a memory from a film or a dream? one guy facing another rips out his septum. sounds like it could be from a film. except he then places it in his nose where his septum should be. I'm unclear as to whether it was to replace one that he was missing, or in addition to an existing one.
then i have had an F1 dream where i was out on a sunday so spent the day not checking the bbc website to avoid knowing the result so i could watch it later (disclaimer: i have never and will never do this!) except i part checked the results accidentally and when i started watching the replay on iplayer i realised it was boring so just found out the results. vettel won and webber was knocked out. however, the weird part is that just as they were lining up on the grid, a coded messages was sent to the red bull drivers about elephants being cold. martin brundle later explained that this meant the team decided to not support both drivers equally, but have vettel as number 1, and webber as number 2. stranger still is that i think team orders are now allowed.

went for a run yesterday to try to get a bit fitter. i used to be able to jog for quite some time. yesterday i ran to the next tube station. the way back was uphill and almost killed me. i kept having to stop. except at one point, a terribly long hill, i overtook a lady pushing a pram going at an incredible rate (her, not me). I wanted to pause for breath but felt a bit embarrassed lest she overtake me so had to keep going. maybe i should employ her as my motivational coach.

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