Tuesday, January 11, 2011

google searches

lots of people found me thanks to vinny chase.
but someone found me using the less well used search term:
"i would love to meet you, get to know you and show you round the flat so that you can see what you are renting but i have been having problems with ti" which had visits = 1.

i also had the search term "mudwig blogs" with visits = 0
which i think is amazing. no people got to my blog searching google for that. i wonder what other terms people didn't search to get to my blog.

I would also like to have a belated party to myself for reaching 20 followers. you may see it says 21 but one is me. which doesn't count. and i only joined so that it would reach 10 as a nice round number instead of nine. i'm still more a fan of popular and better blogs.

i've taken to doing two things to improve my poker playing. firstly i've withdrawn some monies so dropped to 1/2 to build ip money and confidence. secondly i have written some notes which say
i have this covering my hem shortcut so i can't play without reading this. i forgot this and dropped 5 buy ins today. then i remembered and won them back. i fear it was more due to luck than breathing but hopefully my brain will think otherwise and i'll condition myself to meditate for 2 minutes each time before playing.

also, i was thinking of blogging every day, or every other day. i would have to make it funnier. which is a lot of pressure. but also don't know if any one reads it that frequently to make it worthwhile?


microstakes bankroll builder said...

reading your blog is always good so more the better

Bossanova21 said...

i read it whenever you update man

Mudwig said...

cheers, much appreciated. i had begun to update whenever i got at least one comment but think that's a bit mental of me. so i might try to update more often.
after all, one of my favourite blogs updates every morning and so i feel that if i like it, i should blog like that too.

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