Thursday, December 02, 2010


the worst football team in the world

the highlights include losing 55-0 (had 7 players and no keeper)
11 games, 11 lost, 227 conceded
but my favourite part of the article is that they aren't bottom of the league as another team has had points deducted.

london town is notorious for being miserable. or more specifically, the people that inhabit it. i don't think it's as bad as others make out. last week (prior to the snow) i went out and in one day made two complete strangers smile! one was when i stepped off the pavement and into the road as the pavement was narrow and the young lady smiled in appreciation. the second was when i offered a fake seat (not really a seat, but the cushion part near the seats) on a tube to a different young lady.

also, i think i need to point out to people who are now finding this awesome blog with Netgear N150 WLAN card probelms, it doens't like kaspersky, which is a real pain. and I have still not been able to figure how to stop it disconnecting after the computer wakes up from sleep. other than unplugging and plugging it back in.

finally, i am still waiting to hear from the mongs at BA about my compensation from march's volcanic eruption where they forgot to fly me home leaving me stranded in sweden and fighting to catch many trains home. it's been almost 9 months and dealing with them, they might as well be based in India. In a mental home.

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