Thursday, December 16, 2010


according to ricky gervais i am in idiot. this is because i think karl pilkington is a genius. he may be an accidental one, but he is amazing. his thought process is like a child (from outnumbered) crossed with einstein. and it's at least one level above mine.

i figured he'd be on twitter but he's not. i decided to try twitter. to write down my thoughts so i wouldn't forget them. i don't seem to get a following on there. probably because i'm not famous.

from the last three days here are things i would have otherwise forgotten:

i hate waking up hungry. i did this again today. i don't know why it happens so often. it may be related to my sleep pattern. where late at night, for example now at 244am, i am not tired. but i know i will be tired in the morning when i wake up. which brings me onto another tweet - why does sleeping make me more tired? i am awake when going to sleep and tired when waking up. this is the opposite reason for sleeping. i must be doing something wrong.

anyway, my ps3 is nice. i have been trying to get good at cod modern warfare 2. though i don't really know what i'm doing, i noticed when driving a couple of days ago my reaction times have improved. i blame this on too much cod. maybe i will play some more.

and today, whilst driving, i was escorted much of the way my a bmw in front and behind me. i was lucky to survive.

finally, the only real news which has happened to me of late is an estate agency showing off their abilities to lie, deceive and cheat to your face. i will mention this more in my next post after i receive the contract i have signed but they haven't given back yet. these people are as useful as jellyfish.


Hailey said...

I don't really understand Twitter myself.

Mudwig said...

yeah, it's a bit like the matrix.

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