Tuesday, December 21, 2010

for the first time in a week i shaved my face

i scared myself catching my reflection in the window this morning and knew it was time to shave. truthfully, i knew a few days ago. when i can see the hair on my upper lip out the corner of my eye (the bottom corner, it would seem) it's probably time to shave.

been out for a couple of drives in the snow. the danger element also coincides with a fun element. or maybe they're the same element. either way, it's quite enjoyable to slide round corners even though you have to drive slow. maybe if this happens next winter i'll start selling snow tyres. and snowmobiles. i'm surprised they don't have them in scotland where it snows every winter. because snowmobiles aren't just useful in snow. they so much fun. oh, and since they have tank tracks they work on not snow too.

managed to cut both corners of my lip. again, a body part that doesn't really have corners, yet you'll know what i mean. i imagine it's something they do on jackass for a laugh. what that show doesn't depict however, is the pain they will suffer when the cameras stop rolling. physically and mentally (probably).

i also have one gripe (at least) with those kebab chefs. when you ask for the spicy sauce, for unknown reasons, some of them don't seem to spread it out. instead they put it all in one little place. so instead of some spice flavour throughout the sandwich (if i may call it that) you are subject to none at all. except in one surprise bite which makes you cry, and leaves you rendered helpless like you've been pepper sprayed intravenously.

oh and played some poker, got an ev backlash. 3 buy in's down for the month so far. wanted to finish 8 up for nice round yearly numbers. think i'll have a little time to play in the next week or so, and then none till february.

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