Sunday, October 03, 2010

when i hold in a number 1, why does it sometimes turn into needing a number 2

waking up early and playing when i do so is currently going well. partly i put this down to when i play i'm morning tired instead of nighttime tired
except it means it's tough to go out in evenings without having a siesta else falling asleep becomes a priority

not much time to post so i will do bruce style bullet points in what may turn out to be a news review:

i was reading the news and saw a new zealand cyclist called jack bauer

you may have also seen in other news recently that revenue and customs can't work out simple maths and got lots of peoples' tax amount wrong. i got a letter from them and they stole lots of money from me last year. so they have now sent me a check for over £1k. it felt a lot like rakeback till i realise it's my money to begin with!

also in the news bmw had a recall due to faulty brakes. i guess took them so long to discover it since bmw drivers rarely used brakes; also crashes were always blamed on driver error (obviously, since they're bmws) without strong evidence to insist otherwise.

after last month i think i'm gonna get a ps3 tomorrow. with fifa, pro evo, f1, red dead redemption and cod. if i have missed out anything worthwhile, let me know thanks.

(if people don't google today's title, i will be very surprised)

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