Thursday, October 07, 2010

can you buy anything on ebay?

things i have recently bought (not all from ebay) include:
ps3. and some games. and an extra (slightly special) controller. why do the alternative controllers always have a turbo button. since the dawn of computer games (the early 90s and as far back as i can remember) this has been an extra feature. has anyone ever used it?
weird rubber tubings from ebay which are used to strengthen muscles and ligaments. i am still not sure how to use them properly. so i just bought an ankle support cos that's easier to use. and less effort.
ankle support (aforementioned)
a l'il deposit to a gambling site!
theatre tickets (not for me. i am male interested in the opposing sex)
plane tickets. also not for me.
3.5mm to 3.5mm jack to jack (or whatever it's called. this was pleasingly cheap from ebay)

this is rather an eclectic and unusual mix of things i am not accustomed to purchasing. so much so that barclays bank called me to check i was ok. i told them i was fine and that their fraud squad can sleep easy at night. but i also told them it was unusual and not to let it happen again since next time it probably won't be me.


alexandra said...

ebay is the shit:)

Mudwig said...

here in england shit means bad.
i trust you mean good since ebay is wicked.

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