Tuesday, October 19, 2010

ghiradelli's chocolate brownies

i think my bin smells. really really bad. even when it's empty. so the actual bin smells. throwing away a bin is a little bit of a humorous concept to me. i'm not even sure why. it reminds me of the time that my friend and i were walking in the street. she looked for a bin to throw some rubbish into. found one in the middle of the street and disposed of her waste conscientiously. good for the environment, bad for the person who'd just bought their new bin.

been ill last couple of days with the weakest cold ever. seriously, it needs to up it's game, i can't even use it as an excuse as to why i've spewed money the last few days. playing truly horrific. need to snap out of it. what got to me this morning was the continued disconnecting my new wlan card was doing. my old one died and i spent 24 hours trying to fix it before getting a replacement. this new one looks sexy except it keeps disconnecting and reconnecting. this makes poker very difficult as the connection needs to be 'always on' as pokerstars happily remind me. though i can't even watch iplayer without constant stop/start even at low quality. this is most unacceptable. i have emailed netgear and if they don't solve it, back to the shop we go.

also just did my washing of the football kit. took it to a laundrette because it smelt too bad for me to touch. except they couldn't be bothered to wash it properly and it's still pretty dirty and smelly. i'm gonna go back and shout at the lazy wankers tomorrow.

lastly, but most definitely not leastly, builders are here to fix the non broken roof of my flat. this involves scaffolding so they can peek into my bedroom as they attempt to wake me up every morning at 8am. unluckily for them, i will already be up! in retaliation i will allow them to watch me play fifa in the afternoon with a cup of tea and perhaps some magnificent home-made ghiradelli's chocolate brownies.


James Atkin said...

Hey man,

It would be great if you'd be willing to swap blog links with me.

Have added you to mine @ http://atkinator.blogspot.com

GL at the tables,

Mudwig said...

done! even though i'm apparently not one of your favourites, i won't take it personally.

gl to you too

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