Wednesday, July 07, 2010

reasons for disliking the tube

i was sitting down, waiting for my train. i notice someone i vaguely recognise walking towards me. we make that eye contact where you both know you saw each other but both try to avoid it. about three times.
then i get a head nod. head nods in cars are fine. in person, they are not when you don't really know each other. we had to say hi. we said, i recognise you. we say, i'm not sure where from. maybe football.
then we sit in silence not just on the platform, but there were only two seats on the carriage. next to each other. neither of us wanting to walk to a different carriage as it would be rude. and we're British. we can't do that.
so we sit in silence till it's time for him to leave. we say goodbye, i'm not sure why.
i don't think i'll be forgetting him in a hurry.


Anonymous said...

It's even worse when you're going into a shop or are in the street and someone says something along the lines of "Hi. You alright?" when you haven't a clue who the fook they are!

Mudwig said...

yeah, that can be pretty embarrassing. when i used to go to the gym me and my mate would chat to this guy but could never remember his name so the two of us called him jim.
when we saw him at a party a friend asked us for his name. we told her it was jim without even thinking. so when she went to speak to him everyone was confused.

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