Sunday, July 11, 2010

i like reading. sometimes more than sleeping. sleeping is kinda boring. i never seem to enjoy it whilst it's happening. i need more lucid dreams.

at first, i was angry. but then, i realised it was all for the best.

i am of course talking about a large helping of stupidity i saw yesterday. walking down the street i noticed one side of the road pay and display parking bays, operating from 9 -530. the opposite side, has free parking outside of the hours of 11-12. i was on this street between the hours of 12 and 530 and saw 2 people parked in the pay and display, with only 1 parked in the free bit. then another car comes along and pays for parking. at first i wanted to say "STOP. DO NOT PARK THERE. JUST DO A THREE POINT TURN AND PARK FOR FREE"
but i decided not to.

a few hours later when thinking this over (i really couldn't let it go) i realised it was great for two reasons. firstly, more room for me to park. and secondly because it's essentially a tax on stupid people. if you came out and said you wanted to tax stupid people most people would probably be against it. ironically i doubt it's because they think they're stupid (most think they're not) but because people would say it's morally wrong or something. (maybe it is?!)
but this way of making people pay for parking when they don't have to, is like taxing stupid people, and so i guess i am not so angry about it anymore.

here's an interesting hand of poker:
villain is an avg reg. i'm in the small blind. both start with 100bb ($400)
what say you?

Dealt to Hero [  Qh As ]
3 folds
Villain raises [$12.00 USD]
Hero raises [$38.00 USD]
1 folds
Villain calls [$28.00 USD]

** Dealing Flop ** [ 4h, Th, 8d ]
Hero bets [$44.00 USD]
Villain calls [$44.00 USD]

** Dealing Turn ** [ 7d ]
Hero checks
Villain checks

** Dealing River ** [ 6c ]
Hero checks
Villain bets [$120.00 USD]
Hero raises [$312.00 USD]


Yakshi said...

About the hand:

To my 25NL mind, I'd figure that it is a bluff or the nuts.

Obviously, right?

I'd guess you're just calling with two pair type hands.

So, you've got the nine or air, which doesn't want a showdown.

Thing is, your air is pretty good. He could have worse air. You just might be raising for value lol.

This analysis demonstrates why I'm still playing at 25NL.

Mudwig said...

i didn't see how he could have the nuts at all, so that only left me with bluff.
so i raised!

afterwards i realised my hand looks like a bluff too, but even so i didn't see how he could call, since i agree that i still likely have the best hand.

after reading what you wrote i could have just typed, "yes"

which makes me wonder why you're only playing 25nl

Yakshi said...

So now I'm curious to know whether he called or not.

If he did, what did he show up with?

Mudwig said...

he folded without much thought

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