Monday, July 12, 2010

no job

and a new and way more expensive flat than i can afford

this leads me to now technically be playing poker as a sole income. i figure this will most likely only last till the end of the year so i must enjoy it as best possible, preferably by winning multiple dollars.

i am in life terribly indecisive and can only describe every situation i find myself in, thrust upon me, rather than through any fault of my own. luckily, i find most of these situations humorous. and good material for any future sitcom i may or may not write.

still have much actual work to finish, including a plethora of multi word reports. there is one i have been putting off for months that i must go finish now...


Highstack said...

You can have mine if you like ... the pay is shite, the job is shite and I work with cunts, retards and retarded cunts!

Sound appealing?

Mudwig said...

sounds amazing.

can i borrow it for one day to get a mortgage and then return it to you?

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