Friday, April 02, 2010


sometimes i avoid talking about the rungood when i rungood as i don't want it to end and fear that writing about it will end it. that's pretty high up on the retard list. just below tabloid horoscopes, and just above me.

when i last wrote
since then i've employed the -$800 target which i am yet to hit. 
I did take my time to consider whether or not i should write it at all. of course, the results were that i did indeed write that sentence.
and the very next session i hit my target spectacularly, and kept on playing. i did somehow manage to stop pretty soon after though, down about $1200.

so i finally hit my target! hi 5. 

i once read that thinking about something (which you're at least partially in control of) can affect its outcome. kinda like a kriss akabusi pma (positive mental attitude) advert which i remember from childhood but can't find on youtube - and if it's not on youtube i'm beginning to think it never existed.

recently i've been watching a lot of house so considered buying a motorbike. when i asked my friend about his motorbike and if he'd ever crashed (he said only once and it hurt), and then he crashed a week later i felt partially responsible for implanting that thought into his head.

i can't tell if that's insanity or genius. they say it's a fine line between genius and insanity although i don't think  the two are mutually exclusive. i think it's just some genii (if that's not the plural it should be, how cool that word does look) appear insane to everyone else. and maybe if you can't tell the difference between insanity and genius that's why it looks like a fine line.
i'm pretty sure i'm rambling nonsense here so i'm gonna stop.

pma's all round

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