Wednesday, April 21, 2010

the great great british return

i don't really understand most people's complaints about having their holidays extended. sure, families esp with little kids and people who only had small budgets for holidays get hit hard; most people i met though, were on business and weren't too fussed by an extra week off work, all expenses paid!

i'm gonna have to fight airlines and insurance to get flight monies (should be easy), hotel monies (less easy), train tickets monies (even less easy) and hopefully a sustenance allowance (much less easy)

moron of the day was found in a newsagents at 5am in cologne. she asked a shelf stacker if he knew when she'd be able to get the next train to london on eurostar. he said he didn't know and that she should try the information people. she replied "I spoke to them and they couldn't help so I thought I would try you"
really, you couldn't make it up.

i think i took some funny photo's but will have to check and put some up.

have almost forgotten how to play poker and have 10 days left this month to play at least 6000 hands. really need to aim for 1000 hands per day (and double on weekends) starting from this weekend.

but first i have a couple of episodes of house to catch up on.

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