Sunday, February 14, 2010


sometimes i hate the poker. i think i would hate it less if i was better at it.
my new aims are to
1) become good at heads up. i'll settle for not being retardedly bad.
2) get in profit according to ptr at 2/4
currently i'm down millions so i'll see how long that takes.
3) stop making stupid aims, and just play better.

broke even tonight. made about $700 in bonuses to soothe the pain. also tried a couple of tournaments. hit the chip lead in one and played 'mr big stack', which definitely helped but still busted kk vs 66. played a second tourney at the same time and ended up mini cashing in both which is depressing as 1st place was 5 figures in each. i would have settled for winning either.

anyways, in 6 weeks i'll officially be a bum (i hope) so will be able to play regularly, see if i can regularly manage 100k hands per month, $10k per month and not being insane.

and now a few hours sleep before freezing myself in sunday league football. how this winter has lasted all winter has shocked everyone. it's been months. it's not supposed to be this way.


Daly said...

dont mention sunday league football, just lost 1-0 to the team bottom..i come on for last 10 minutes as im an unfit player-manager... i get squared the ball 8 yards out and sidefoot it it so soft the keeper can bend down and pick it up.

they then score the only goal on the next attack

FutureInsights said...

Um, did you really lose millions? Just checking. My first read on your blog.

Mudwig said...

never mentioning football again after a goal i let in.

FiS, not quite millions i think i exaggerated slightly. probably in the region of 10k down on 2/4 and about 3k down hu.

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