Monday, February 08, 2010

lost in translation

the funny thing about this film is that there is almost no dialogue (let alone foreign talk) for anything to get lost (or even translated)

so it appears i have finally exhausted the internet having found and read these sites


anyone know of other funnies, feel free to let me know

so i hit some tables on the weekend.
i've noticed that i've been getting dealt 44 a lot this year. so i checked my hands, noting that the correct amount of times to get it is 0.45% yet after 18000 hands i'm at 0.60% which is 108 times instead of 81
i also got set under set 3 times in about 500 hands on t'weekend amongst many other annoying things, but luckily i've been outdrawing people to make up for all of those things.

beginning to get worried i'm not good enough to win my millions via this method. might have to think about alternate avenues of revenue. hmm

in the meantime, here's a song

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