Tuesday, February 02, 2010

i fought the law

and, I won!
though when i say law i mean council.
and when i say fought, i mean sent a moderately worded letter to them with photographic attachments.
and some would say i didn't win, i just avoided a parking fine, but i say money not lost = money won (thanks for that tip mike caro, true in life as much as on the tables).

i went to the shops with my new found wealth and saw some olive oil, some virgin olive oil and some extra virgin olive oil. i think they aren't understanding the word virgin very accurately.
it's like saying, this fellow here, he is alive.
the dude next to him, is extra alive.

unless of course they are referring to superpowers. i used to think i didn't have any superpowers but i'm pretty sure my hearing is abnormally sharp to quiet sounds. like that women who was briefly in heroes before syler took the power. of course, it might just be tinnitus playing a joke on me.
i found out one of my friends does have a superpower. he can remember lots of conversations from many years ago as if they were yesterday and bizarrely as though they are pictures. not a useful super power, and not as exciting as x-ray vision or predicting the future, but a superpower nonetheless.


Sally-Sal said...

Maybe the extra virgin olive oil is just extra prudey.

Like, you can feel it up (over the shirt) but no bj's, no hj's, not even a zj.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Mudwig said...

i'm still trying to work out what the z stands for...everyone knows there are only three words that start with z
zoo (and zoology)
but none of them make sense

ps now it looks like the removed message (spam) was abusive and have achieved stalker status online. level up imo.

Sally-Sal said...

zj = zzzzzzzz


Mudwig said...

no smiley face for that! i've had one.

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