Monday, June 22, 2009

the hangover (film)

i went to see this. it was quite funny. and made me want to return to vegas. however, i also saw something in the cinema to which i did not know how to react. i was truly stunned beyond any other stunning i have previously encountered.

(don't worry, no spoilers)
the film ends with these blokes finding a camera with pictures of their evening. you see these pictures during the credits. it's essentially the ending of the movie where you get closure. the couple sitting in front of me LEFT THE CINEMA AS THIS BEGAN. they knew it was coming cos everyone knew as everybody else stayed. except for them. i was gobsmacked.

it's like watching every episode of 24 except for the last episode of each season. or like going to university for 3 years and not doing your exams. awe inspiring shockingness.

(boring poker/life stuff now)
poker - lost monies today, can't tell if i played bad or ran bad. though it doesn't really matter.
up to 148k fpps and need 161.5k for all the bonuses.

not being doing weights or eating well but added 3 kilos of weight (7 pounds). 6 more kilos to go till target.


C said...

fucking hilarious film. saw it last night! how did they get the cop car though??

Mudwig said...
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Mudwig said...

iirc all they said was they stole it...and also, how did they get away from casino security so easily?!

still, one of the better films i seen this year

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