Monday, January 19, 2009

the plan

win enough this year for house deposit
get fitter
do weights 5 days a week for at least half hour

20k hands per month playing well.
run at 5bb/100 hands

get 8k in supernova bonuses. i've worked out that supernova isn't as good as rakeback till i hit 400k points per year which is 4 times as much as i currently bother to play
will have to look at alternate sites

today i went to the drinks machine to purchase a drink and sit down and eat some food. however, my plan was made difficult by a woman sleeping on two chairs alongside the drinks machine, which her feet almost in the bit where the drink comes out. she also looked possibly attractive.

i thought about just getting one anyway but didn't really want to wake her. so i sat down and began to eat, facing her and the machine. i'm not sure but i think i was trying to stare at her till she looked at me. my plan became more awkward when i noticed she wasn't really asleep as she kept half opening her eyes. this was made worse when we had one of those underground (tube/metro) eye contact moments where you both immediately look away but both know you saw each other.

at least now she knew i was staring at her, although i dont think she knew i just wanted a drink. and still she pretended to be asleep. at this point i was beginning to get really thirsty. really thirsty. luckily she now decided to get up and leave. she wasn't even attractive at all so really i should have just got my drink at the start.


Bruce said...

What sort of place do you live in that there are vagabonds passed out on chairs by drinking machines(=vending machine?)??

Mudwig said...

indeed, vending machine. i didn't use coke machine as i thought it might also be taken the wrong way.

hm, it was my place of 'work', a university (= school in your part of the world. i have been led to believe this by a texan).

vagabond is a great word. sadly they pervade the uni i attend

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