Thursday, January 22, 2009

new computre

got a new comp and it works a treat. super fast (quad core or something!)
i think i may have gone over the top slightly but hey, it's only monies right?

still not playing great poker, thought the last few days seem to be going much better. no huge mistakes, though a few small ones and i'm clawing back some money. hopefully be in profit by end of month. need to play another 8-9k hands and make about $250 every 1k hands as im only around 2k down for the month now.

having driven in some light but annoying rain this morning i have come to the conclusion that the windscreen wipers on cars should have more settings than simply off, once in a while, continuous and super fast. the once in a while needs to be more variable cos sometimes its too slow and sometimes too fast, but it's never right! very annoying when you have to play with it for 20 minutes. maybe this is just be and my ocd but even if it is i still think it's a valid point. surely its just a couple of extra capacitors required?

i also had a dream this morning. and something entirely unrealistic happened (i forgot what) but then i suddenly realised, i'm in a dream! sadly, i also realised i'd turned my alarm off, had been oversleeping and was late. what i should have thought was, cool, i'm in a dream, i can do anything i want! now, where's megan fox, kirsten dunst and a few ladies from entourage to do everything i tell them.


Bruce said...

Kirsten Dunst??? Man you brits and crazy teef. Not that shes that bad. Just wouldn't be my go to dream girl. Also this phrase "it works a treat" is funny.

rubbish said...


Been reading your blog recently and have just started my own. I've linked you up and hope you can do likewise if you like mine. Here's the details:

All the best for 2009.

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