Monday, November 17, 2008

tip of the day

if you are pouring a glass of carbonated drink, and the froth is about to overflow the sides of the container, stick your finger in the drink. this will quickly destroy the froth leading to a non spillage situation. something to do with the surface tension of the bubbles i believe.

whilst on the subject, i was thinking of can's vs bottles. bottles are 2litres which is the equivalent (near enough) of 6 cans. if they were the same price which would you go for?

pro's for cans is that the fizz is always high when you drink them and you get to make the cool can opening sound

pro's for bottles is that you don't have to have you drink regimented in 330ml amounts, but can drink any amount you wish.

i can't decide.

in the past week i've been on the phone to 3 sadly getting an upgrade on my phone. i didn't really want to stay with 3 but their offer was ridiculous, and hopefully i will be able to bankrupt them. what i liked was the lengths they went to in order to ensure i remained a customer. i've never felt so loved. they even put me on a conference call with o2 to prove that everyone charges a minimum of 1min for phone calls (ie all calls under 1min count as 1 min, and then it's per second billing after that)

that's one decision i have made, which i hope not to regret.


Bruce said...

330ml? 3? o2?
lol foreigners.

Mudwig said...

lol, i'll have to translate next time.

when i write comments here it makes me look more popular.

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