Monday, November 24, 2008

carrots for lunch

honestly, who eats carrots for lunch?
once maybe.
but every single day?!

not only that, every thing else being eaten is a horribly crunchy food.

and he sits right opposite me, no more than a metre from my face as he uncontrollably munches like a pneumatic drill.

add to this a constant year round sniffing year, plus an annoying habit of making weird sounds by short sharp breathes of air as he opens his mouth (almost impossible to describe) again enacted throughout the day, every single damn day, one metre from my face.

this is one of very few things that annoys me. noisy eaters, coupled with a bunch of other completely unnecessary noises one metre from my face. it's enough to make my blood boil.

if i play poker live and people eat at my table usually i'll need to take five mins and leave till they're done!

i think i'm mental, but i have found others with similar feelings towards this. where most people can relate to this is the popcorn eating that people do in cinemas. food free cinemas are a utopian dream for me. (notice that it's grammatically incorrect to use the word "an", even though the next word begins with a u")

unreal. i do anything to get away from it.

seriously, it's enough to make me go to the lab and do some work.

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