Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Mobile posting

Well, judging by the reviews, it seems the blogger app is awfully bad and so I am going via chrome to write this today. I do hope that it works.

I find that writing extensively on a phone keyboard gets tiresome rather quickly and takes far longer than using a real keyboard. The one rather enormous benefit is autocorrect. This can be used to explain any and all typos, misspellings and grammatical errors.

Today was rather an uneventful day. I went to the gym and used a TRX thing. It's basically a couple of handles you pivot against a door to do exercises with your body weight as the weight. The gun surprisingly had one but in pieces and the lady didn't know how to set it up since she left a piece out back. As she web too get help to get it sorted a man (old) said to me with disdain in his voice "what you doing that for?! Just use some weights"
I replied merely to say I weigh more than any of the weights"
He still didn't shut up but I ignored him. I couldn't help but notice him later on as he stood over me watching me doing one legged lunges and squats.
He was a grumpy dickhead.

On the way home I think I only swore about 7 times today. About 4 of them were just in my head. I think that's an improvement. If I can continue to be less angry about all the duck yards then maybe I will trust myself to play some more poker. I need to as I need a new car. Mine is literally falling apart. Doesn't help that when I took it to the garage he forgot to screw all the panels back in properly. I'm never going back to him.

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Mudwig said...

Wow. After posting this on google blogger using google chrome I got this message:

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