Monday, January 13, 2014

blogger is trying to stop me!

honestly, i posted the previous words yesterday. or so i thought.

anyway, that means a double serving for today as i will post today's today too.

today's will be brief and centred around that time of the morning where you wake up. you alarm yourself into consciousness and then spend the next minutes snoozing in 9 minute intervals if you own an iphone. why 9 minutes is the snooze time, i do not know. i would like to change it to 10 as that is a much more wholesome number but i do not know how.
so my alarm went off at the unearthly hour of 640 this morning. well, 635 to be precise. i hit snooze for what would be the only time. at 644 i hit turned the alarm off, and took the phone in hand, to read some internet for a couple of minutes while i psyched myself up to get on with the unenviable task of getting up and going to a bathroom colder than an igloo in the north pole. literally (see 2).

however, my imminent attempts at checking the internet were usurped by a loud banging at the door. as with all loud noises, i assumed it was the neighbours because this is what they do. both front doors are probably within 5 metres of my head so i assumed it to be the next door door that someone was trying to bash in. then some loud knocking started and with teh echoing down the hallway and to the bedroom door to give surround sound, i realised that it was in fact my front door.

no good news ever arrives by loud door banging at 645am. i thus decided to not answer the door. the banging went on for a bit. some letterbox peeking ensued followed by someone saying out loud "it's pitch black in there"
well, obviously it is. it's 650am. i the metallic sounds against wood as something got shoved through the letterbox. i hoped it was merely a letter and nothing more offensive. i heard someone trudging away and waited a minute till i got up. i decided against turning on most lights for a bit in case they waited out front to see if any lights came on.

the upshot is that i ended up at work quite early as i didn't lie in bed for 30 minutes till getting up. every cloud, eh?

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