Wednesday, July 20, 2011

i think i've had enough

been breaking even for about a year now. think i'm not cut out for poker.
i keep looking back at how much i've made over the past 4/5 years. feb 2007 i think was when i started seriously on stars and even though my net withdrawlas are around $40k right now i cannot see myself ever making money again. this year i have been losing at 1/2 ffs!

so depressed. think i might not play again till september. who knows, tomorrow, i might wake up and not be such a melodramtic wally.


Anonymous said...

Feel exactly the same after dumping 16K in Vegas and basically busting every online bankroll this year, Is it a downswing? has the game passed us by? or has it just got that hard? I think its probable just variance but don;t know if i have the stomach to rebuild.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do.

Mudwig said...

i don't know what it is but if i do play again properly, it won't be till after i find out the answer.

zenetik said...

Don't give up, things can turn :)

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