Tuesday, July 26, 2011

great names, bad games

i saw in the news that someone called goodwillie has had rape charges against him dropped. obviously it's tough to know what happened without being there, although all i'm really interested in is how soon are you allowed to make a joke about his name combined with his innocence. and does this also mean that badwillie is a real surname too? do his friends say to women in clubs, "would you like to see a goodwillie?"

i'll stop now.
i also have stopped poker for one month. i don't really want to take a break but i do. i want to decide whether it's worth pursuing. may start again at end of august, if only to get the $4k bonus. but chasing those always ended up costing me money in the past so maybe i'll just spend fpp's on stress balls, cuddly toys and sunglasses.


Anonymous said...

Pffftt Stress ball, if they really wanted to let you relieve stress they'd offer Porn site memebership for FPP's. PokerWhores FTW.

Mudwig said...

they should take that to the next level so you can order people to come round and manually relieve you of stress.

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