Monday, May 02, 2011


i still get caught up in short term and medium term variance too much.
it's tough not too when swings like this happen. but i need to not let it affect me!
at the two troughs of the graph i was over1k down for each session and almost stopped.

the second was brutal with consecutive hands against a tard getting tt vs jj and then jj vs qq whilst inbetween those hands, on another table against the same tard losing kk vs tt!

overall this whole year has been just terrible. need to fix it. this begins with 30mins study per day of my hands before playing any new ones. no study, no play.


Kevin said...

That's a pretty swingy graph Sir.

rubbish said...

Tough beats, unlucky.

Mudwig said...

i've given up looking at $ won for the month. only gonna look at ev. hopefully won't busto acount.

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