Friday, November 19, 2010

just when i thought it was boring...

i sat down to whack out an entry this morning and realised nothing of note had happened. at all. so i decided to go out for the day and see what would happen. i was not disappointed. 
first, there was the sign for the psychic fair. i figure they should all know when and where it is without being explicitly told.
then there was the 3 yard run to the bank. maybe it's just me but i know there is always a massive queue. so when, like today, i see someone walking to the bank i up my pace to overtake, or if coming from opposite sides, beat them to the door. but today i did not play this game. for i was going to change money which has it's own queue, so i held the door open for this little lady. good deed done.
bizarrely, it was the second bank i had tried to change money in. the nearest one i went to didn't change money for non customers apparently. surely, anything that makes them money is profitable and if they're already set up to do so, why not take my money fleecing me on the exchange rate?
haven't played since last weekend. read a bit of omaha strategy and might give it a crack for small stakes during the week ahead.

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